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Hiring Dave as a Speaker

Dave Beson has presented 34 years in a row at NAR and recently completed an International tour of Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Vienna . He adds these countries to Australia , New Zealand , Mexico , South Africa and other locations which challenge normal marketing thoughts and usual business practices.

If you are dealing with commission competition, listing and pricing problems, and the usual concerns of getting energy focused in the most productive and profitable direction, you can call upon Dave Beson and benefit from over 34 years experience in over 3,000 seminars.

Dave says “By working together we will find ways to win faster in a challenging market.”

After all these years on the road and serving 3,000 seminars and the best brokers and leaders, it’s time to help you LEAD!

L everage
E xperience
A ttitude
D irection
! Exclamation and Explanation of all that we can do to win and to prosper!

Dave is the best choice for bringing the most current ideas, as well as proven insights, to any professional development program. Click below to find out more about his seminar topics and to hear from those who have hired Dave to speak in the past.

Dave’s Most Requested Seminar Topics for 2012
A listing of Dave’s latest topics and descriptions, as well as the opportunity to request more detailed information.

Hear from those who have hired Dave to find out what kind of experience you can expect.

Dave’s Biography:
Read about Dave’s history and experiences before deciding if he’s the right speaker for your event.


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