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The Best Follow-up and
Prospecting Letters in Real Estate!

We are excited to offer you the Dave Beson LetterWriter products that will automatically and seamlessly integrate into your RealtyJuggler contact manager. Order now and start making more money in real estate today!

Listed below are the four different LetterWriter programs with totally different letters in each one. There is no duplication or overlap in the four programs. Dave Beson's letters are short, well-written and creative. Your clients and prospects will love hearing from you on a regular basis. They are easy to use, just click to print or email, and you are on your way to success!


Categories of letters in LetterWriter Platinum:

  • 10 Year Follow-up – 60 letters (sent every 60 days)
  • Why Choose Me As Your Agent? – Platinum service, changing market guidance (36 letters)
  • TEAM Letters – Benefits and Unique Qualities of a TEAM 24 letters (sent30/60 days)
  • Prospecting and Lead Follow-Up – Buyer inquiry, investment inquiry, etc. (30 letters)
  • Unique Markets – Foreclosures, boomers, Seniors, Vacation/investment, realtor referrals (54 letters)
  • Designation Promotion – CRS and ePro 24 letters (sent every 30 days)
  • Legendary Letters Client – Testimonial letters, 33 Touch KW letters (39 letters)

Price: $99


Categories of letters in LetterWriter:

NOTE: LetterWriter does not include the letters in LetterWriter Plus.

  • 7 Year Follow-Up – 84 letters (sent once a month)
  • PR Campaigns: Holiday – 30 letters (sent on holidays)
  • Letters To Buyers – 19 letters (not on action plan)
  • Letters To Sellers – 37 letters (not on action plan)
  • FSBO's – 7 letters (sent every 7 days)
  • Letters To Tenants – 5 letters (sent every 7 days)
  • Letters to Expired Listings – 10 letters (sent every 5 days)
  • Referral Letters – 10 letters (sent every 60 days)

Price: $99


Categories of letters in LetterWriter PLUS:

NOTE: LetterWriter Plus does not include the letters in LetterWriter.

  • Gold Mine Referrals – 54 letters (sent every 60 days)
  • Builder Marketing Specialist – 24 letters (sent every 10 days)
  • I Have A Buyer Looking – 10 letters (sent every 7 days)
  • Holidays & Special Events – 24 letters (sent on holidays)
  • Open House follow-up – 16 letters (sent every 7 days)
  • Buyer Specialist-Agency – 18 letters (sent every 7 days)
  • Real Estate Investor Prospecting – 18 letters (14 days)
  • Relocation Lead Development – 13 letters (10 days)
  • Favorite Homes Campaign – 36 letters (sent every 60days)

Price: $99


Categories of letters in eLetterWriter:

  • Healthy, Wealthy and Wise:
    Healthy Tips
    Wealthy Tips
    Wise Tips
  • Holidays & Special Times
  • Just a Hint From Jessica
  • Moving on-Your Next Move
    Moving up
    Moving down
    Thinking of remodeling or moving
  • Lead Follow-Up
    Web Inquiry
    Transferee inquiry
    Open house visitor
  • Client Follow-Up
    Buyer in process
    Seller in process
  • Technology Tips to Save Time and Money
  • Four Year Follow-Up for Referrals
    Buyers & Sellers

Price: $99


Get the Entire Collection for $299

LetterWriter Bundle - SAVE $50

Price: $299


LetterWriter for Managers (ARMS)…

LetterWriter for Managers is a complete planning and recruiting system for you. There are valuable forms, text instruction and seventeen (17) different plans for recruiting, retention, and effective management communication! The programs have been used all over the world and are particularly effective for managers and leaders who want to "raise the bar" in terms of their active recruiting and retention. If you use RealtyJuggler, we have a custom install for you. Use this content to get organized and start being pro-active in your recruiting right away!

Click Here to Learn More About LetterWriter for Managers (PDF)

Click Here to View Table of Contents (PDF)

Click Here to View Sample Letters (PDF)

Digital Download Now Available For Only $149!


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