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Ten Ways Coaching Speeds Your Life Success

By Dave Beson, Dave Beson Seminars

Are you an athlete? Or do you believe as sign of success is having enough money to hire someone to jog for you? Well, whether you run for fun or only when threatened, we all could benefit from a professional running coach. A professional coach would show you how to be motivated, how to set goals, how to mastermind your training schedule, when to really push yourself, and when to hold back.

Do you want to improve as a competitor in real estate? If you perceive the competition to be stronger and faster than ever, you need additional skills just to compete in the race for business and profits. Your progress and success so far in the business were not possible without your personal talents and skills. Now is the time to build upon your personal strengths by utilizing the services of a gifted coach.

Ask yourself how can you and your business benefit from a professional coach?

Let us count the ways:

1. Systems.

Good coaches have a method or a system. A real estate associate who follows a proven system is bound to improve. Having confidence in a system may even be more important than the system itself. The coach brings the system and builds the confidence.

2. Advice.

A coach brings information from a great variety of sources and experiences and explains why one method or technique works and why something else doesn’t. This shortcuts the trial and error process and builds success. A coach will help you make the right decisions to stay on course.

3. Motivation.

A good coach will help provide the necessary kick-start at the beginning of your career. Reporting on a regular basis—if only weekly by mail, email, or phone—can provide the foundation to your personal training plan. If you are leading a balanced or integrated lifestyle, chances are you can’t give 18 hours a day to your real estate career. A coach can help motivate you to achieve your very best during your working hours.

4. Burnout and Slump Prevention.

A coach who carefully monitors a sales associate’s progress can recognize when trying harder is not the right approach. Perhaps the best prescription is to halt, refocus, and start a new direction. If and when rejection or frustration derail your personal progress, a coach can help get you back on track.

5. Specific Activities Checklist.

A coach can remind a sales associate of what it is he or she is trying to achieve. This frees the salesperson to concentrate on actual activity. A good coach keeps the salesperson on course by making sure the associate follows the training plan.

6. Goal Setting.

Salespeople sometimes say they wan to do one thing, yet their behavior indicates they want to do another. While a coach may not be able to read your mind, he or she can facilitate your goal achievement. A coach can help set realistic goals and design personal training plans to achieve those goals in both the long and short term.

7. Reaching “The Next Level.”

When you are self-coached, it’s easy to get stuck on a plateau. You may feel that you have accomplished all you can do. You may be doing only those activities that are fun, or personally satisfying. A coach can suggest and help implement different types of activity to help you reach the next level of performance in your career.

8. Feedback.

Many salespeople have a difficult time evaluating their own training. Keeping an activity and a time log helps, but it’s no substitute for a good coach. A good coach can look at your workload and evaluate it more objectively than you can. For example, your coach may point out your appointment schedule looks really good, but that you are falling behind in your daily prospecting. A coach can also give you confidence by evaluating your performance.

9. Cheering Section.

Every top performer has doubts. This is why we all need someone to affirm what we are doing is right. After a successful presentation or sale it’s great to have someone to celebrate with or to just. During times of disappointment it’s also nice to have someone pat you on the back and/or allow you to process your disappointment or a missed opportunity. Later, with the encouragement of your coach, you can analyze what happened and change course, if necessary.

10. Fun.

As we become adults we tend to eliminate activities that are not fun! Your coach can help you enjoy what you do by varying what you do. This may even include to whom you make your presentations or incorporating a new twist to keep your work fun.

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