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LetterWriter Series

Dave has created dozens of ACTION PLANS which help you stay in touch with past customers, clients, and prospects. These plans are many and varied. They include the client follow-up plans such as “The Seven Year Follow-Up Plan,” and “Gold Mine Referral Program.” They also include prospecting follow-up plans such as “Follow-Up on Buyer Inquiry,” and “Open House Follow-Up.”

A unique feature of the letters or emails is that they are available in Word formats for cutting and pasting into your preferred programs such as Outlook or your email browser. Or, they are available in automatic installs for Top Producer, Agent Office, 360 Agent, Respond, and Wise Agent. So they are easy to use on any computer, without writing, typing, spell-checking, etc.

The complete LetterWriter series includes over 777 messages that can be used as letters, emails or marketing messages. They are organized to work in your key focus areas – there are over 37 action plans and libraries of letters. To see the letters by category please click on LetterWriter Series. If in doubt, buy more than one program, or better yet, buy them all and choose your plans for today, tomorrow and forever!

Over 12,000 customers rave about the ease of use, and the positive responses they get from customers and clients.

Think about how these letters or emails compare to the ones that YOU NEVER SENT! Order today!

Audio CD’s

Even in the best of worlds, seminars are just a couple hours. These audio albums did deeper into key areas for LIFE SUCCESS.

The “NO FEAR NEGOTIATION” album includes 8 different sessions on negotiating a better offer, a better price, and even a better year! The program combines Dave’s street-tested methods and techniques with the bestselling professional negotiation techniques of the masters, including Herb Cohen, author of “YOU CAN NEGOTIATE ANYTHING,” and “Fisher and Ury’s “PRINCIPLED NEGOTIATION.” If you want ideas to help you be “hard on the problem” and “soft on the people” then you simply must order these programs.

The “TOTAL SERVICE SOLUTION” album includes 8 sessions on building a better advantage for yourself and your customers and clients by ADDING VALUE to your services. Examples from best of breed companies, agents, and master marketers will help you to defeat the competition who claims to offer the same services that you do. The concept of “Platinum Service” in a gold plated world is revealed. The concepts of the bestselling book “RAVING FANS” come to life and help you create your own raving fans. Listen to the last program first if you need to revolutionize your business.

There are at least three hundred great ideas to boost your business and protect your commission in these audio programs. Please click on Audio CD’s. If in doubt, buy both programs. Start listening today.

Manager Favorites

The job of the real estate office manager is to recruit, select, train, and manage. And in today’s market the value of leadership and confidently helping others to manage their goals, and to achieve their dreams is key.

If you are charged with the task of building and maintaining your real estate sales team in this competitive and challenging market, you need all the help you can get. So check out the LetterWriter for Managers. It is a series of ACTION PLANS of letters and email messages to help you reach out to your targeted recruit list. You also will have an arsenal of retention tools in the form of emails and letters to use with your current team. Now you can use this program to tell your company, office, and personal leadership story to your potential recruits in a valuable, multi-layered approach.

LetterWriter for Managers is a complete planning and recruiting system for you. There are valuable forms, text instruction and seventeen (17) different plans for recruiting, retention, and effective management communication! The programs have been used all over the world and are particularly effective for managers and leaders who want to “raise the bar” in terms of their active recruiting and retention. Best of all, the content is available for Word, so you can cut and paste the messages into your Outlook program, or your preferred email browser. If you use Top Producer, Agent Office, 360 Agent or one of the real estate specific contact managers, we have a custom install for you. Use this content to get organized and start being pro-active in your recruiting right away!

Look for LetterWriter for Managers, also referred to as THE AUTOMATED RECRUITING AND MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. Please click on Manager Favorites above.

The manager is often given the job of running the office, recruiting, and putting out fires with little training or support. If you would like to get a Master’s Degree in recruiting and retention without leaving your car or your office, then check out the Audio Album called “HOW TO PUT YOUR RECRUITING ON CRUISE CONTROL.” The 8 audio lessons walk you though a vision of recruiting, a targeted recruit list, best practices in recruiting, retention, and more. You’ll get ideas on studying the competition and on how to turn your advantages into reasons for the recruit to join you, now. Specific attention is given to overcoming objections from recruits such as “I’m too busy to move now,” or “I can’t leave now, after all my manager has done for me…” Don’t experiment in your recruiting. Instead, count on the tools included in album.

Look for Cruise Control – Recruiting. Please click on Manager Favorites above.

Contact Managers

Your contacts and your connections are the very most profitable resource you have in your business. If you have been trusting to luck, or to your memory, it’s time to automate your customer follow-up and prospecting. You’ll be able to focus your charisma on presentations and negotiations, and leave the detail to you “computerized assistant.” The category called Customer Relationship Management is a major area for every Fortune 500 company. They use CRM such as Oracle or to connect salespeople and customer and clients for results. Corporations invest millions in this software. We are SO FORTUNATE in real estate to have robust contact management programs that are designed specifically for our sales and management efforts.

It really is true that “THE SYSTEM IS THE SOLUTION.” In a world where many are ‘wandering generalities,’ we can help you to automate your business and to become a ‘meaningful specific.’ Isn’t it about time?

Our programs such as LetterWriter and LetterWriter for Managers automatically install in the most popular real estate contact managers. We’ll save you time, money, and frustration!

We have a twenty year history with the major contact managers including Top Producer, Agent Office, 360 Agent, Respond, and Wise Agent. We can order most any contact manager for you.

For more information, or to order Contact Managers, please click on Contact Managers above.

Life Success Coaching

A real estate career places demands on any individual on a 24x7x365 basis. Just earning a living is a full-time job, but getting to the next plateau of production, profitability, and fulfillment takes focus, resolve, and the best practices in the industry. It takes inspiration, sure, but it takes a plan, and almost always goes better, and faster, with a coach.

Because seminars are short, and the cost of traveling to day long events has soared, wise agents are demanding a better way to analyze their business, and to create a focus on prospecting, presentation, and profitability. Coaches abound, at varying levels of expertise and pricing. We applaud those agents who take time to engineer their business and to perfect their plan. For that reason we dedicate a significant part of our resources to helping those agents with our LIFE SUCCESS COACHING PROGRAM.

Our coaching began as live telephone coaching. We evolved to including power point slides, exhibits, and illustrations with a small group of ten to twenty agents. We always provide a guide, an outline, and specific action steps or assignments to create a better business. Today we are using video conferencing, audio and power points, and a variety of available downloads to improve the value of the LIFE SUCCESS COACHING.

If you would like to have the opportunity to get our coaching ideas into your business and into your bottom line, then sign up for the COMPLIMENTARY LIFE SUCCESS COACHING SESSION by clicking here.

For more information on the various topics, schedule, and pricing of our LIFE SUCCESS COACHING prorgram, please click on Life Success Coaching above.


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