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The value of coaching is that there are a series of obstacles that lie in the path of each successful real estate agent. Those obstacles, once identified are hurdles. When you have the right strategy you can gain momentum and jump the hurdle, or go around it.

In any case, there is no reason to be surprised by these hurdles, is there?

We have identified one major hurdle or obstacle for real estate professionals as the lack of a clear vision of what is most important.

In our LIFE SUCCESS COACHING we ask this question:

“If you were transport yourself ahead in time three years and to look back on this time. . . what would have to have happened for you to judge these three years to be a tremendous success?”

Now in ordinary times, that question is one worth pondering, and is a tester. But in the current challenging real estate economy, it is a whopper.

Here are the responses that our coaching students often give to this key question:

  • More listings and sales
  • Get taxes paid
  • Be out of debt
  • Know that my business is solid, forever
  • Have the respect of my customers and clients
  • Know that my family need never worry
  • Be a real person, less harried
  • Double my business in three years without killing myself

Upon probing and listening, after a few weeks these generalizations, while worthy, are replaced with most specific objectives:

  • Look again at my goals and figure out a business plan I can live with.
  • Organize my prospects, clients, and my business using technology I already bought but am not using.
  • Have a clearer picture of my income, my costs, and my profits
  • Have a work plan that allows for family, working out, time off
  • Master my listing presentation and handling of objections so I can save time, and feel better about my results.
  • Use technology, statistics, and power tools to be “leading edge” in my presentations and marketing.
  • Use the Internet and my website to get more business without spending a fortune.
  • Learn ways to get more free press, improve my image, and be known in my community.
  • Prepare to live life on a new improved level of success and satisfaction.

The above is the outline for our coaching program.

If you could invest one to two hours a week in the nine points above, would it increase your profitability or your joy in life by more than a few hundred dollars?

Of course it would. In fact you could have a profound impact on your business and personal life, starting now! That is our goal in the Life Success Coaching program.

Would you be willing to meet once a week for an hour to cover the above material in a small group? Any day is good for me. Any time is good for me. We’ll be here for you and will deliver.

Well, don’t worry. We will create the session and and package it. Then we’ll send you a link so you can click and watch at the scheduled time, or another time. You’ll have the slides, the audio, the overview guidebook, and the homework to help tie it all together. And from time to time we’ll have some “LIVE BONUS SESSIONS” so you can get in on the spontaneous discussion with Dave.

Have a question? Want your business plan reviewed with comments? Would you like your next news release read and buffed up? How about an overview on any publication you are creating, any brochure you are sending, and the like? Just send it in by email and Dave will review it and get back to you.

Would you like to talk 1:1 for a half hour with Dave? That can be arranged.

But before we begin investing for private lessons, why not get exposed to the concerns and solutions that hundreds of agents who have come before you have asked and answered? There is a huge economy of time, money, and your personal energy by joining us in our LIFE SUCCESS COACHING PROGRAM.

And there is a money-back guarantee. Attend the sessions, complete the work assignments, and at the conclusion of the program you feel you are not getting your desired results, we will work with you until you do!

There is no risk to you, if you are sincere in your desire to bring SUCCESS TO YOUR LIFE!

The LIFE SUCCESS COACHING program consists of ten coaching sessions, a guidebook, homework exercises to bring success to life, and email support with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. When you register for the coaching program you will be scheduled to receive the ten sessions via email. You will get your own personal link. This link should not be shared with others.

The full value of the program far and away exceeds the cost to you. Regular price $699, special value $299.


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