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crowd-celebratingWell, GM is back from the brink of bankruptcy and the new stock rolled out to enthusiastic buyers, investors, and believers! I believe. Really, I do.

What do I believe? Well, for starters, if you can cut the waste, improve designs, and really focus you will win. So will GM. And if you can find more buyers, you will win even bigger!

So GM is heading to CHINA to sell cars. They have 11% of the market there, and have a shot at doubling that!

How many homes are you selling in China? Irrelevant.

Okay, what would you have to do to re-invigorate your real estate business?

I made a list and have tested it on the best minds in real estate. Here are the five key tips:

1. Re-discover and promote your UCA, that’s your Unfair Competitive Advantage or Sizzle. What makes you special? At Ruth’s Chris they get $35 for 8 oz. of beef because the plates are red hot and the butter is not just melted, but sizzling. What have you got?
2. It’s the price, stupid. That’s right. We used to believe that have a home listed for sale at the right price initially was key. Now we know that having a good price to start AND MAKING IT BETTER AS YOU GO IS ESSENTIAL. In a changing market you must have a changing price and value offer, especially where inventory overwhelms the shoppers.
3. Focus your efforts. Who knew that Chevy’s would sell in China? Thank the Lord Chrysler planted some seeds over there, because they need the harvest! Where are you planting seeds for future gains? Past customers, clients, first time buyers, move-ups, foreclosures, short sales, reo’s, etc. Pick any three and FOCUS TO WIN!
4. Change your viewpoint. You know in Alaska they are fond of saying that with sled dogs the view only changes for the LEAD DOG! If you aren’t the lead dog, take a look at your view. If it’s the same-old, same-old, turnaround, look in the mirror, and make a spin move. What do I mean? Go to the office 2 hours earlier. Take a client to lunch. A void the negative Nellies and energy vampires in the office. Be UP! Play music louder. Work-out, lose 5#’s, get a dramatic haircut. Wear purple. See what I mean. Remind yourself that you can change! It’s like this: “CHANGE – OR BE CHANGED!”
5. In summary: Be willing to learn in order to earn in our challenging market. Sellers have never needed us more. Banks need us. Buyers need us to sort out the market and make the offer on the right house. Oh, my, there is so much to do. Where will you start?

Here’s a suggestion: Attend my webinar entitled “THE BOOM, THE BUST, AND THE BOUNCE: HOW TO WIN FASTER AND HAVE FUN IN THE REAL ESTATE RECOVERY.” It’s FREE! Send an email to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and I’ll send you an official invitation.

after-the-boom-and-bust-in-real-estate-will-there-be-a-bounceWell, GM is back from the brink of bankruptcy and the new stock rolled out to enthusiastic buyers, investors, and believers! I believe. Really, I do. What do I believe? Well, for starters, if you can cut the waste, improve designs, and really focus you will win. So will GM. And if you can find more...
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Ask Rick Wagoner.  His pay dropped from $1 per year to zip. As head of troubled GM, which reported $82 billion in losses over the past three years, Wagoner had a raise in 2007 and a raise in 2008, before taking a cut to $1. Now his stock options which were worth $11.9 million for the year...


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